White Wine

winebg1Chamblaise™ is pale straw-yellow in colour. This dry white wine hints at the delicate floral notes and perfumes with soft fruit flavours on the tongue.
Available in Traditional Vintage

Chardonnay is creamy vanilla oak flavour layered into tropical fruit accents with subtle green apple character, butterscotch overtones and good acidity.
Available in Wine-Art, Traditional Vintage & Ultimate Estate Reserve

Colombard I Chardonnay is soft and pale yellow in colour. This popular blend marries the clean and simple tones of Colombard with traditional Chardonnay to produce fresh melon and green apple character with lively acidity and a light finish.
Available in Traditional Vintage

Gewurztraminer pronounced “geh-VURTS-trah-meen-er”. This wine has a distinct aromatic character of flowery and spicy perfumes. It boasts spicy flavours with subtle Iychee nut character. Crisp, off-dry with excellent acidity.
Available in Wine-Art, Traditional Vintage & Ultimate Estate Reserve

Sauvignon Blanc is a very pale yellow hue with a big grassy aroma, piercing acidity and tantalizing flavours of gooseberry and fig that are lush in the mouth. Typically light and very dry.
Available in Wine-Art, Traditional Vintage & Ultimate Estate Reserve

Soave Style is soft hay in colour and introduces delicate floral and white fruit scents. Crisp and dry, with flavours that follow the nose; figs and dates and elusive hints of banana and almonds riding on a crisply acidic structure with a pleasant hint of bitterness.
Available in Traditional Vintage

Symphony is a cross between two French varieties: Muscat of Alexandria and Grenache Gris. The result is a soft, ‘dry white wine which will delight you with youthful aromas of mango, papaya and bananas. This flavourful white wine is very floral in style with a crisp, clean finish.
Available in Traditional Vintage & Sommelier Reserve

Verdelho is a soft dry white wine with wonderful clean fresh flavours of honeysuckle, tropical and citrus fruits finishing with crisp, balanced acidity. Light straw in colour. Look for Liebf~tlmilch Style is one of Germany’s most pOF)u!ar \Nftjte~· – lovely fresh aromas of honey, fresh apples and a hirit of wines. Delightfully soft and mellow, lightly off-dry with gentle acidity and lingering sweetness on the tongue.
Available in Wine-Art & Traditional Vintage

Verdicchio pronounced “vair-DI K-ee-oh” , this medium­ bodied refreshing white wine has clean fresh aromas of green apple, white currant, citrus, floral and mineral. On the palate you will find flavours of lemon, green apple and almond. Best enjoyed while young and fresh.
Available in Traditional Vintage & Ultimate Estate Reserve

Viognier is a white wine with a heady floral bouquet with hints of orange blossom, violet and honey. The flavours are tropical with mango, tangerine and apricot. Its crisp acidity makes for a refreshing, full-bodied wine experience.
Available in Ultimate Estate Reserve

Blush Wines

White Zinfandel Blush is citrusy and light in flavour with mellow blackberry and raspberry bouquet. Lively, medium dry and refreshing.
Available in Traditional Vintage